New Zealand to construct new city

Today’s announcement is very exciting and represents a much needed shift in the way New Zealand plans and funds urban growth, but it is not yet clear whether housing in the new city will be affordable or supports Government aspirations for competitive land supply, says Infrastructure NZ CEO Paul Blair The new Drury development south of Auckland takes some concepts from Infrastructure New Zealand’s October 2017 ‘Innovation City’ report on how to create a satellite city. Continue →

New Zealand’s new advanced communications network promises major industry benefits

A state-of-the-art digital communications network being rolled out in New Zealand will enable industries to reach new levels of safety and productivity The network will be powered by Motorola Solutions’ advanced, MOTOTRBO Capacity Max technology providing highly secure, reliable and professional two-way radio solutions that give users access to feature-rich, next-generation networks and applications. Continue →


Where is the government’s $12b infrastructure investment going?

A Government announcement to invest $12 billion in new infrastructure projects has the potential to fill a major gap in the transport infrastructure work pipeline and start to overcome NZ’s infrastructure deficit, but now details are needed for civil contractors to get to work Finance Minister Grant Robertson has announced $12 billion of new investment, with $8 billion for specific capital projects and $4 billion to be added to the multi-year capital allowance. Continue →

Energy, vehicles, sustainability – 10 Predictions for 2020

BloombergNEF predicts what the year 2020 will bring for the low-carbon transition in energy, transport, commodities and sustainability One connecting thread is that companies and investors are more committed to a cleaner future than ever before, but governments still have the capacity to accelerate – or impede – that process. Continue →

Local Government

New infrastructure tools for decade of delivery

Important policy and legislative developments have landed today which could enable a bolder, more streamlined way of delivering new infrastructure for the benefit all New Zealanders, says Infrastructure New Zealand CEO Paul Blair New government announcements and a Productivity Commission report this week are reiterating that New Zealand needs new ways of working together, brought together by a coherent vision, to dramatically change outcomes for the better. Continue →

Training & Management

Phishing actors play on Covid-19 fears

Leading cyber risk journal Recorded Future has investigated how threat actors are using the global disruptions caused by COVID-19 to further their cyber threat activities The emergence of coronavirus disease has also originated a new cybersecurity threat, igniting a bevy of COVID-19-themed phishing lures and newly registered COVID-19-related domains. Continue →

How the government’s $6.8b transport spend-up will effect the property market

Investment in transport is expected to invigorate development, and while there will be clear benefits for the property market, the work could also bring short-term disruption, labour shortages, construction cost increases and land speculation pressures Announced in late 2019, the Big New Zealand Upgrade is a $12b public works programme that aims to futureproof the country’s growth. Continue →


The fundamental problem with New Zealand’s water regulation

The decision to establish an independent drinking water regulator is very positive and will help bring New Zealand’s water services up to international standards, but the absence of user charges leaves a significant gap in national water policy which needs to be filled, says Infrastructure New Zealand CEO Paul Blair Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta and Health Minister David Clark announced that the Government will establish an independent drinking water regulator, likely in 2020. Continue →
Compliance & Legal

Kensington Swan to combine with the world’s largest law firm

Leading law firm Kensington Swan has announced that it intends to combine with Dentons, the world’s largest law firm Kensington Swan is recognised as a leader in the financial markets, infrastructure and government sectors and has a strong reputation in the environment, education, FMCG, manufacturing, healthcare and energy sectors. Continue →