New Zealand’s new advanced communications network promises major industry benefits

A state-of-the-art digital communications network being rolled out in New Zealand will enable industries to reach new levels of safety and productivity The network will be powered by Motorola Solutions’ advanced, MOTOTRBO Capacity Max technology providing highly secure, reliable and professional two-way radio solutions that give users access to feature-rich, next-generation networks and applications. Continue →


How timber construction is transforming Australian development

The way projects are being delivered in Australia is rapidly changing with the emergence of mass timber, an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional structural systems The Urban Developer Mass timber encompasses a suite of building elements that transform relatively low value timber feedstock into structural elements that have superior weight-to-strength performance than steel or concrete. Continue →

Outsmarting storms

Technology to help predict where power outages will likely occur during severe weather events and proactively identify vegetation trouble spots that might interfere with powerlines is being progressively rolled out by Vector and IBM for the Auckland electricity network   The pilot, which is a New Zealand first, goes live this month and introduces two solutions to help Vector reduce the number and severity of power outages caused by severe weather and overgrowth of vegetation across Auckland. Continue →


Tackling climate change is everyone’s duty

New Zealand has seen a groundswell in action against climate change as more people come to the realisation the time for talking is over, and the time for doing is now It’s a theme running throughout society and business, with scientific consensus around the problem translating into action at the grassroots. Continue →
Local Government

Infrastructure sector calls for transformational government reform

Three-quarters of the infrastructure sector have called for transformation, rather than incremental change, of the culture and incentives between central and local government to work together to promote national well-being, says Infrastructure NZ CEO Paul Blair Infrastructure NZ today released the results of Beca-sponsored polling taken during the 2019 Building Nations Symposium from 21-23 August. Continue →


Aeromovel can reduce Auckland-Airport light rail budget by up to $5 billion

When Kevin Smith told rail conference delegates in Auckland on September 13 that a $6 billion Auckland-to-Airport light rail budget could be reduced to under $1 billion, he was greeted with silence Raised hands at question time from the audience of local and overseas rail transport experts also disclosed that the South American technology is still not well known in this part of the World, despite its first 18km line being installed in Jakarta 28 years ago. Continue →


The fundamental problem with New Zealand’s water regulation

The decision to establish an independent drinking water regulator is very positive and will help bring New Zealand’s water services up to international standards, but the absence of user charges leaves a significant gap in national water policy which needs to be filled, says Infrastructure New Zealand CEO Paul Blair Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta and Health Minister David Clark announced that the Government will establish an independent drinking water regulator, likely in 2020. Continue →
Compliance & Legal

Kensington Swan to combine with the world’s largest law firm

Leading law firm Kensington Swan has announced that it intends to combine with Dentons, the world’s largest law firm Kensington Swan is recognised as a leader in the financial markets, infrastructure and government sectors and has a strong reputation in the environment, education, FMCG, manufacturing, healthcare and energy sectors. Continue →