New Zealand’s new advanced communications network promises major industry benefits

A state-of-the-art digital communications network being rolled out in New Zealand will enable industries to reach new levels of safety and productivity The network will be powered by Motorola Solutions’ advanced, MOTOTRBO Capacity Max technology providing highly secure, reliable and professional two-way radio solutions that give users access to feature-rich, next-generation networks and applications. Continue →


The big challenge facing New Zealand infrastructure

As $45 billion worth of infrastructure projects take place over the next five years, smarter solutions will be needed to keep these projects on track and within budget The newly re-elected government has confirmed it will invest NZ$45 billion in infrastructure projects over the next five years to help restart the economy after the impact of COVID-19. Continue →

Australia’s $240m green ammonia project

South Australia has begun work to build the world’s largest green ammonia plant The initial stage of the A$240 million H2U Eyre Peninsula Gateway Hydrogen Project will include the installation of a 75MW electrolyser near the regional city of Whyalla, capable of producing enough hydrogen to create 40,000 tonnes of ammonia each year. Continue →


Earth’s tipping point in sight

Earth’s ability to absorb carbon emissions through plants will likely cross a major tipping point within just two decades at the current rate of warming, according to a new study from the University of Waikato and US researchers Earth’s ability to absorb carbon emissions through plants could be halved within the next two decades at the current rate of warming, according to a new study from the University of Waikato and Northern Arizona University, USA. Continue →
Local Government

Regional partnerships essential for infrastructure growth

Infrastructure NZ Policy Director Hamish Glenn voices his support for city and regional infrastructure partnerships, saying that they would support regional development through the depoliticising of investment decision-making On Tuesday September 29, the ACT party announced its infrastructure policy, which aims to bring infrastructure planning and funding together through partnerships between central and local government. Continue →

Training & Management

Achieving better outcomes from your projects

Civil Contractors New Zealand Chief Executive, Peter Silcock, asks us to consider two situations: in the first, Contractor A wins a local government tender to construct a local road or water pipe Charles Fairbairn – Local Government Magazine New Zealand Their bid offers to complete the project at the lowest price by a good 10 per cent. Continue →

Second chance for Auckland Light Rail

The Auckland Light Rail has the potential to revolutionise the city’s public transport network – but only if done right, says Anderson Lloyd Partner, Anton Trixl The Auckland Light Rail was one of the most ambitious projects for the Auckland region, set to transform the public transport network. Continue →

Waste Management

Clean energy, incinerating waste and destroying viruses

New Zealand lags far behind in recognising that high temperature waste incineration can provide efficient and clean energy, plus it comes with the added bonus of destroying pathogens and viruses in the process with minimal effect on the environment The Spittelau waste to energy facility in Vienna. Continue →

Decentralising our water infrastructure

Decentralised infrastructure can contribute to resilience – and water and wastewater utilities should engage with this potential, Dr Lynn Broaddus says Applications for decentralised, or distributed, water and wastewater systems span a great deal of the managed water cycle, from capturing rainwater and stormwater through to wastewater treatment. Continue →