Recycling city infrastructure for special needs children

Obsolete equipment from throughout Christchurch is getting a new lease on life as it finds its way to a special children’s playground in New Brighton’s Rawhiti Doman The sensory playground is designed to give all children, especially those with special needs, the opportunity to explore their senses through interaction with nature and their environment. Continue →

Kiwis starting to embrace digital identity

NZTech has launched New Zealand’s first formal digital identity organisation Digital Identity NZ, a group of organisations and government agencies, has been set up to connect everyone in New Zealand that cares about digital identity. Continue →


New Zealand’s largest infrastructure project takes top sustainability award

The City Rail Link (CRL) has busted through construction and infrastructure industry norms to win New Zealand’s highest sustainability accolade By winning the NZI Transforming New Zealand Award that is the Sustainable Business Network’s Supreme Award CRL has proven the infrastructure industry can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and its environmental impact while developing Auckland’s much-needed public transport infrastructure. Continue →

Driving towards a low-emissions economy

There are several simple steps that New Zealand could implement to achieve the goal of a low-emission economy, says Toyota New Zealand CEO Alistair Davis   The Productivity Commission’s draft on the move to a low carbon emission economy through a Zero Carbon Act is a sound report on what lies ahead. Continue →


Latest climate report calls for urgent international action

The world will reach the crucial threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels as early as 2030 That’s the stark conclusion of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, which warns serious changes are needed immediately to cut the risk of extreme heat, drought, floods and poverty. Continue →
Local Government

What is the purpose and role of local government?

Long overdue reform of the water sector has created the opportunity for a first principles discussion of what local government can and should do and with what resources, says Infrastructure New Zealand CEO Stephen Selwood “Operating infrastructure networks is a technical activity demanding flexible use of capital and strong asset management capability,” he explains. Continue →

Training & Management

Security specialist expands to safeguard local facilities

Perimeter security and access control installations specialist HTS Group is expanding its operations in New Zealand to supply world-leading anti-terrorism solutions to protect the public from possible attacks Ranging from simple barrier and boom gates for carparks through to advanced speed gates with integrated controls, HTS Group’s technologies are designed to protect spaces from unauthorised personnel that may intend to cause harm. Continue →

Luxembourg tests future of airport security

Random searches and lengthy queues at airports may be a thing of the past if a hi-tech security system currently being field-tested lives up to expectations A team of scientists, technicians and lux-Airport staff worked through the night to test FLYSEC’s intelligent end-to-end system, which analyses a passenger’s onsite behaviour, travel history and booking profile to classify them according to their ‘trustworthiness’. Continue →


Water review needs coherent leadership

Recognising a need for change in New Zealand’s water industry brings the country closer to addressing issues with decaying water infrastructure but coherent leadership from central government will be needed So say New Zealand’s contractors, who are heavily involved in the construction and maintenance of water networks, performing tasks such as pipeline installation, construction of wastewater management plants and maintenance of riverbanks. Continue →
Compliance & Legal

Is your building dangerous?

When showing up for work, going down to the local mall, spending time in a hotel, visiting clients, going to see the doctor… are all those buildings perfectly safe and fit for purpose? Continue →