Australian cities rank better for remote work

Melbourne is the best place in the world to work from home, with Sydney coming in third and Auckland lagging behind at 37th, a study by Nestpick has found The Urban Developer It may have endured four hard lockdowns during the Covid-19 pandemic, but Melbourne has topped a global survey of the best place to work from home. Continue →

New Zealand’s new advanced communications network promises major industry benefits

A state-of-the-art digital communications network being rolled out in New Zealand will enable industries to reach new levels of safety and productivity The network will be powered by Motorola Solutions’ advanced, MOTOTRBO Capacity Max technology providing highly secure, reliable and professional two-way radio solutions that give users access to feature-rich, next-generation networks and applications. Continue →


Australian construction sector buckles under $110b infrastructure pipeline

echo adrotate_group(33, 0, 0, 0);Construction industry groups across the ditch claim they cannot deliver a $110-billion national infrastructure pipeline and are calling on the federal government to introduce urgent reforms to fix the “industry crisis”, The Urban Developer reports Australian Constructors Association chief executive Jon Davies says the industry was at breaking point. Continue →

Is green hydrogen the future of energy?

echo adrotate_group(33, 0, 0, 0);Green hydrogen can be the real solution towards lowering carbon emissions, but Kalkine Chief Executive Kunal Sawhney explores whether it has a role to play in New Zealand’s future Hydrogen is increasingly being called ‘the fuel of the future’ and can prove helpful in filling in some of the gaps in the clean-energy jigsaw. Continue →


First rumbles of the death knoll for the RMA

echo adrotate_group(33, 0, 0, 0);The government has released a draft of the first of three bills to replace the Resource Management Act 1991 The exposure draft of the Natural and BuiltEnvironments Bill will be followed by the Strategic Planning Act and the Climate Change Adaptation Act. Continue →
Local Government

Wellington decides on 10-year infrastructure plan

echo adrotate_group(33, 0, 0, 0);A 13.5% rates increase has been decided by Wellington City councillors, who met last week to decide the funding options for its Long-Term Plan 2021-2031 The plan addresses water infrastructure, supports a vibrant economy, invests in greater iwi representation, enhances city safety and makes civic buildings more resilient. Continue →

Training & Management

Why operations teams are still needed in an automated world

echo adrotate_group(33, 0, 0, 0);If everything is running smoothly and ‘as expected’ at an automated plant, a system operations team may feel redundant, but a look below the surface tells quite a different story, says Swisslog Australia Maintenance Manager, Paul Woodward Achieving a state where everything is running smoothly is due to the hard work of not just the system operations team, but also teams of technicians and maintenance staff, from both the automation provider, and the client. Continue →

Taking the cost out domestic travel and cargo

A 40-seat battery-driven drone bus will be in the air for cargo in 2022 and passengers in 2023 if the FAA approves Braeden Kelekona’s creation comes to life as an aircraft resembling a futuristic blimp capable of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL). Continue →

Waste Management

China’s new age of recycling

echo adrotate_group(33, 0, 0, 0);As China faces rapidly mounting volumes of waste, it intends to have digitally monitored intelligent waste collection sites bring about an increase in the currently low recycling rate For a good 20 years, China has tried to increase its recycling rate, with only modest success so far. Continue →

Bold action needed to stop water infrastructure’s downward spiral

echo adrotate_group(33, 0, 0, 0);New studies under Three Waters Reform Programme predict up to $185 billion is required in the next 30 years to get our drinking water, stormwater, and sewage infrastructure up to standard Work is already underway on a proposal to trim the country’s 67 water service providers – owned and managed by councils currently – into a small set of providers. Continue →