Attend Smart Nation Expo 2024 in Malaysia this November


Exhibitors and visitors are invited to participate in the Smart Nation Expo 2024 to be held in Kuala Lumpur from 19-21 November.

Imagine Southeast Asia transformed by interconnected technologies: smart cities, sustainable agriculture, and electric mobility working together. Smart Nation Expo, Supported by Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) and Federal Territories Department (JWP) as Event Partner, the region’s biggest tech event, showcases these innovations – 5G, smart cities, precision agriculture, and advanced manufacturing – to create a smarter, more sustainable world.

The expo facilitates collaboration across industries to accelerate progress. This commitment extends to co-located events like EVM Asia and AgriX, which further explore intelligent urban development and sustainable agriculture. EVM Asia, Southeast Asia’s premier electric vehicle (EV) event, brings together the entire e-mobility ecosystem to foster innovation in the region’s rapidly growing EV industry.

Held in partnership with Malaysia Automotive, Robotics, and IoT Institute, it focuses on all aspects of EVs, including charging stations, traffic management, and battery technology. AgriX tackles smart agriculture, demonstrating how digital solutions optimise farms for a more sustainable region. It empowers farmers with tools, connections, and resources to modernise agriculture in the region. This powerful synergy between Smart Nation Expo, EVM Asia, and AgriX creates a platform for Southeast Asia to lead in digital transformation.

Industry leaders, businesses, and stakeholders come together to foster innovation, knowledge exchange, and a future powered by smart solutions, sustainable practices, and shared prosperity – ultimately resulting in a greener and more digitally empowered Southeast Asia.
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