Rail drives housing solutions in Sydney


While the new government puts the brakes on light rail in Auckland, Sydney is steaming ahead with its new 24-kilometre metro line and is making plans for extra stations to encourage tens of thousands of new houses

Contruction of the Sydney Metro West started in 2020 and when completed in 2032 it will connect Greater Parramatta and the Sydney CBD.


In December 2023 the New South Wales (NSW) government announced the potential for more stations to help drive new housing supply.

Sydney Metro has been directed to work on increasing the delivery of new housing supply along the Metro West alignment, to support the government’s plan to build more well-located homes near new and existing transport infrastructure.

The government acknowledges that if it is to create more housing supply that will drive down the cost of renting or buying a home, Sydney is going to have to change. This means well-located houses and apartments near well-connected transport infrastructure.


The NSW government has directed Sydney Metro to complete scoping studies for up to 2 new stations to be constructed west of Sydney Olympic Park, along the existing planned route, with a decision made based on their ability to drive greater urban infill housing.

The announcement has been endorsed by the recommendations of the Sydney Metro Independent Review.

Independent reviewers Amanda Yeates and Mike Mrdak have concluded their thorough analysis of the Sydney Metro project. Their findings include:

  • The government should commit to the current 9 station alignment of Sydney Metro West at a minimum, targeting an opening date of 2032. The reviewers made a point of noting the “arbitrary” nature of the previously announced delivery date determined by the former government.
  • Ensure the current design and construction plans do not preclude additional stations from being considered as station locations in future.
  • That Sydney Metro to provide a consolidated property and placemaking strategy across all existing lines to support the government’s priorities regarding housing supply.
  • That a business case should be prepared to improve bus and active transport connections to broaden the catchment of the existing alignment.

Sydney Metro West will ensure tens of thousands of people will be able to live next to a ‘turn up and go’ service that connects them to their jobs, their services and their communities with a train every 4 minutes.

Sydney Metro will move to shortlist delivery partners and develop a procurement model that provides opportunities to get the most housing and the best return from this significant investment for the people of NSW.

25,000 new homes on Rosehill Racecourse

The critical need to deliver housing in well located areas, along transport links means the NSW government has commenced discussions with the Australian Turf Club (ATC) on a proposal to relocate Rosehill Racecourse and build up to 25,000 new homes, surrounded by greenspace and a new Sydney Metro West station.

The proposal, which was brought to the NSW Government by the ATC, centres around the potential to build more than 25,000 new homes on the Rosehill Racecourse site. This would allow the government to explore the feasibilty of a new Metro West Station at Rosehill.