Artificial intelligence – realities and employment


Within 15 years, artificial intelligence will take over 38 percent of jobs in the United States says PwC.

What will employment look like?  Which jobs will disappear and what does all of this mean for education?

According to Sir Michael Barber, former advisor to Tony Blair and former Chief Education advisor to Pearson, “it’s not just what jobs will exist and what won’t.

“It’s about what parts of current roles will be automated and what won’t.”

He notes that we will still need doctors and lawyers but that “machines will often be more accurate” in terms of diagnosis and determination.

In terms of changes for global education, Sir Michael notes that “the combination of great teachers and sophisticated AI could be transformative,” but warns that change leaders will “miss the point” if they believe educators will have to “choose between teachers and AI.”

He believes that “fewer, more sophisticated teachers will combine with machines that relieve them of drudgery and provide a powerful evidence base for their teaching.

He notes that students will need “high standards in the basics, a good knowledge of history, social science, literature and science,” and that “everyone will need an ethical perspective and a personal sense of ability to contribute.”

Sir Michael talked recently with CM Rubin about what we should be doing to prepare for the realities of artificial intelligence and found a positive spin with a return to importance of a Liberal Arts education.

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Sir Michael Barber is a world-leading authority on education systems and education reform. He has served as Chief Education Advisor to Pearson, head of the global education practice at McKinsey, advisor to former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

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