Infrastructure New Zealand

Articles by Paul Blair, Hamish Glenn and Stephen Selwood


Developing a 2050 vision is the top priority to safeguard infrastructure

Why is it considered appropriate that New Zealand Inc, represented by our central government, does NOT have a long-term, non partisan, supported vision for the welfare of our citizens yet Local Government is mandated by law to do just that
– AsiaPacific Infrastructure Yearbook 2020


Government system not delivering what matters most to New Zealanders

Infrastructure New Zealand calls for a shake-up of public service decision-making and service delivery
– AsiaPacific Infrastructure October-December Issue 2019


Unlocking major growth in Auckland

Auckland is in a tough spot – the city is bursting at the seams, housing remains among the most expensive in the world and traffic is continuing to worsen
– AsiaPacific Infrastructure June-July Issue 2019


Reforming New Zealand’s broken Three Waters model

The system for delivering drinking water, wastewater and stormwater services is failing the health of New Zealanders and the environment
– AsiaPacific Infrastructure April-May Issue 2019


The year past leaves plenty of scope for the year ahead in infrastructure

It’s difficult to think of a year in the past decade which wasn’t lining up to be a “big one” for infrastructure. However, there can be little doubt that 2018 failed in some important respects to deliver on New Zealand’s needs
– AsiaPacific Infrastructure Yearbook 2019

Tax revenue allocation a key question when it comes to reform

There are four “macro” questions to consider when reviewing the tax system, says Hamish Glenn. Who pays the tax, how much do they pay, where does the tax go and who allocates the tax revenue?
– AsiaPacific Infrastructure August-September Issue 2018


Strategic transport priorities heading in the right direction

Infrastructure New Zealand commends the government on publication of its draft Policy Statement for Transport, but significant investment will be needed to achieve its myriad aims, Policy Director Hamish Glenn believes
– AsiaPacific Infrastructure June-July Issue 2018


Looking beyond the RMA

What will it take to untangle the unholy mess that has become our resource management system, asks Hamish Glenn?
– AsiaPacific Infrastructure April-May Issue 2018


Infrastructure at turning point

Every year since the major economic reforms of the late 1980s and early 1990s, New Zealand’s headline infrastructure message has been the same, says Hamish Glenn
– AsiaPacific Infrastructure Yearbook 2018