AsiaPacific Infrastructure goes Print Free


Media Solutions has always been an innovator and market leader. In 2017 we embarked on a programme to convince readers of our three titles — Infrastructure, Property&Build and Industrial Safety — that there was a defined audience waiting online for their promotion.

We are editorially driven and attract advertisers because of a targeted and well-defined readership in their business sectors and related sectors – no wastage either online or in print.

It has taken five years of balancing print runs with online increases in readership, but we finally have you all aboard (maybe except for a couple of dozen die-hards) — convinced by a big increase in targeted and independently audited readership, combined with a less expensive product. That’s not too bad.

And from this month we are proud to say the print editions are no more. Thanks to an educated readership, we have all contributed a share to controlling greenhouse gas emissions by keeping greenhouse gases firmly locked up in trees and plants. We are a carbon zero publisher doing our bit to rein in climate change.

It was not easy – there was (and still is) a nice tactile touch to a printed magazine. Still, in the old days, companies would guess or conduct straw polls to declare a readership multiplier. “Polls show that nine people each read the magazine in addition to the subscriber – therefore if we print 5,000 we have a readership of 45,000” – yeah right. Most languished on reception area tables and still do.

Of course, those with a vested interest in commissions encouraged the old view because it kept costs (and therefore commissions) high. The natural prejudice against the flood of (largely useless) information online was just too much for weary business folk. They had limited time to wade through the garbage to find information that would help them to keep their business compliant, keep their workers safe and still show profit.

Bottom line demands have advanced even further to include People, Planet and Quality along with profit.

Now there is no ability to fudge figures – at least with our offerings. Our websites are independently audited by Google Analytics, our electronic mail by Mailchimp and our magazines by global publisher ISSUU. They are easily accessed through our platforms.

We helped by putting aboard a range of options on which to get targeted information – websites, electronic mail, magazines – all able to be read or accessed easily on nine channels (media platforms) including social media. Our content is repurposed across all the platforms and your hyperlinked advert goes along for the ride, appearing alongside or within the article chosen.

We won’t rest on our laurels though. We are working hard to get you easier access, easier reading and listening and an enhanced search function.

Watch this space.