New podcast series tackles the tough issues facing New Zealand’s industries


New Zealand metals-based industry organisation HERA is solidifying its reputation as a future-focused thought leader with the launch of its bi-weekly podcast series, Stirring the Pot


The free podcast launched with three episodes on subjects as diverse as the future of manufacturing in New Zealand, innovation as a driver of the global economy and what’s required to build a thriving metals industry.

HERA CEO Troy Coyle will faciliate most of the half-hour long discussions, which promise to take on the big issues facing New Zealand industries. She says, “There are many challenges facing our industry and, equally, many opinions on how we should tackle them. Stirring the Pot is a forum to discuss and challenge viewpoints with leaders, experts and influencers who are shaping the metals industry here and around the world. We’re going to be talking the tough stuff – the things that keep us metalheads up at night.”

Episode One

Ms Coyle talks with globally renowned industrial transformationalist Goran Roos about the potential of manufacturing to transform the New Zealand economy. They discuss the role of manufacturing in raising living standards, challenge common perceptions of the manufacturing industry and talk about the threats and benefits of new technologies.

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Episode Two

Ms Coyle talks with Ross Pearce from Callaghan Innovation about artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain as both disruptors and opportunities, and about how companies like Team Emirates and Rocket Lab have harnessed innovation to take on the world. According to Mr Pearce, “If you don’t engage in innovation, you will be disrupted – there isn’t any question about that these days. This is a new business skill you have to master in order to have a sustainable business.”

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Episode Three

Ms Coyle joins a panel of metal industry leaders including Metals NZ Chief Executive Nick Collins and Steel Construction NZ Manager Darren O’Riley to talk about sustainability, advocacy and how to improve productivity across the entire New Zealand metals sector. Mr Collins says, “If government looked after manufacturing in the same way it looks after our primary industries, we would have a much more broadly based economy – and if you want to develop jobs in the regions, manufacturing is the key opportunity.”

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Future episodes feature conversations with Rowan Larsen from the Human Resources Project about how to retain an organisation’s top performers, and with Application Development Engineer Emily Allison on gaining maximum value from additive manufacturing.


Stirring the Pot is available on Podbean and iTunes: