Mayor praises government’s support to Wellington region


The announcement that government will extend the employee support subsidy for quake affected businesses to the Wellington region, including Lower Hutt, has been welcomed by Lower Hutt mayor Ray Wallace.

Mayor Wallace says, “I congratulate the government on this decision, it is very welcome and it is very necessary.”

The announcement was made by Steven Joyce, as minister of Economic Development and Anne Tolley as minister for Social Development.

Mayor Wallace had written to the minister of Economic Development Steven Joyce urging Lower Hutt be included in considerations for relief, as there are employees, businesses and property owners adversely affected by the North Canterbury centred earthquake of 14 November.

Mayor Wallace says Hutt City Council will continue in its own work to assess damage, ensure safety and assist in recovery. He says, “We’ve had some big challenges from this earthquake, followed by flooding the next day. Our community took good care of one another and we came through. Now we need to continue this kindness and support as we focus on recovery.”

Anyone requiring information and support should call the government helpline on 0800 779 997.