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0 Recycling city infrastructure for special needs children
Obsolete equipment from throughout Christchurch is getting a new lease on life as it finds its way to a special children’s playground in New Brighton’s Rawhiti Doman The sensory playground is designed to give all children, especially those with special needs, the opportunity to explore their senses through interaction with nature and their environment. Continue →
0 New authority an important step but wider reform needed
The new Housing and Urban Development Authority (HUDA) will help the government cut through red-tape to deliver urban regeneration in our largest cities, an infrastructure expert believes But to deliver affordable housing the government must now turn its attention to greenfield development and wider policy reform, says Stephen Selwood, Chief Executive of Infrastructure New Zealand. Continue →
0 New infrastructure financing scheme a major step forward
The pilot scheme to bring forward infrastructure for housing is a significant milestone and establishes a new direction for growing New Zealand’s cities, Infrastructure New Zealand says The government has announced that third party debt will be used to finance the roads and water infrastructure needed to unlock land for development in Milldale, north of Auckland. Continue →
0 Ten lessons from cities that have taken the affordable housing challenge
A new report that highlights key lessons for the Victorian government when it comes to affordable housing could apply equally to New Zealand Tap Turners and Game Changers: Lessons for Melbourne, Victoria and Australia from affordable housing systems in Vancouver, Portland and Toronto is the result of Carolyn Whitzman of Melbourne University’s Melbourne School of Design Transforming Housing section visit the three Canadian cities to assess their approaches to affordable housing. Continue →
0 Could plants replace street lights?
New research from MIT could see public street lights replaced with luminescent plants   Engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have been experimenting with the idea that making plants and trees glow brightly would drastically reduce the need for electricity MIT hopes that their glowing flora could be used to provide low-intensity indoor lighting, or to transform trees into self-powered streetlights. Continue →
0 Emergency preparation only for the privileged?
Storing food and other supplies in case of a disaster is out of the question for people who cannot afford the basics for everyday living – a key issue that needs to be addressed by emergency preparedness agencies, according to new research from Massey University. Continue →
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