About Us

Infrastructure provides stakeholders in the infrastructure industry with timely information, critical insights and detailed developments from within the country and around the globe that influence the planning, design and implementation of New Zealand infrastructure.

Infrastructure focuses on the information needed to create and maintain world class cities and suburbs and develop energy, environmental, transport, water and communication infrastructure. The magazine details security and partner services – like investment, finance, legal, management, product provision and contractors that support and ensure the viability and sustainability of infrastructure projects. Infrastructure works with major industry organisations and government agencies that are influential in setting and implementing the agenda for the country’s infrastructure development.

The Infrastructure content partners ensure that the information published daily on our website and the in-depth analyses in the print edition are strategic and relevant to decision makers, including infrastructure owners, local and national government, public sector agencies, service providers and infrastructure users.

While unafraid to address critical issues such as the lack of an effective infrastructure pipeline, the editorial team collaborates with industry representatives to ascertain that the news, technology and analyses presented are peer reviewed and revised if necessary. Infrastructure print, online and digital editions create a much needed targeted information resource that is indispensable to stakeholders in the infrastructure industry.

Infrastructure is published by Media Solutions Ltd